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We are glad to offer our expertise at different stage of your business. Whether you have started new venture or you are expanding your business or you are well established in industry and creating opportunities for future business, we are always there with you.

Each and every stage of your business, we are there to organize, secure and cater your data in time and in a form that is ease for you to make complex business decisions.

We have various products that keep your books of accounts suitable to your business need. Centre goal of our products is to keep them so simple in use that even a lay man can easily work on it and importantly enjoy it.

Our Policy

Stay hungry, stay foolish - We always eager to cater you more and we always keen to know how can we add value to your business.

We truly believe in building long lasting relations with people rather than having just seller customer relations. First step towards building solid relations is to add value to their business by our best products and services. We believe in delivering more than people are expecting in return of their money and time.


We have different version of products to keep the books of accounts of different types of businesses. 'ALIE' the name derived for first four letters of Account to level heads Asset, Liability, Income and Expense is truly Alie by all it's mean. There are plenty of products available for keeping books of accounts in the market but we stand different amongst all by keeping our products intuitive and extremely simple, so simple that you can easily operate it with none or very little knowledge of Accounting.

As listed below, our different product versions serves needs of Service business, Traders and Manufacturers. All of our products are simple yet feature rich.

Overview Of ALIE Features
  • Simple and clean User Interface
  • Account Management of Multiple Companies
  • Multiple User and User Access\Permissions
  • Supports Cash, Bank, Journal Voucher, Sale Challan, Purchase Challan, Sale, Purchase, Manufacturing transactions
  • Configuration of Manufacturing Formulas
  • Multiple Price List for particular period, State, City and Customer
  • Stock \ Inventory Tracking (with and without batches)
  • Invoice Printing in different formats
  • Cash Receipt \ Payment Vouchers Printing, JV Printing
  • Accounting and Stock Reports
  • Trading A/c, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance
  • Simple Tax configuration
  • Backup \ Restore Data
  • Overall and Context Sensitive Help
  • And more...
Overview Of Technical Features
  • Automatic Updates ALIE checks for the updates at the startup and downloads applies the same if available.
  • Supports Multi Platform i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux etc. ALIE can be run on any operating system on which Java 7 or later is supported.
  • Can be installed on Desktop, Intranet, Extranet and Cloud ALIE is designed to run in any environment.
  • Easy integration with other applications (ALIE Integration module is required to enable integration. ALIE Integration module is not part of ALIE. It can be bought separately.)
    ALIE Integration module exposes ALIE services to enable integration with other software applications. Other software applications can consume ALIE services to save and retrieve data. In other words, ALIE can be integrated with your business process management system (BPMS).
  • Very small in size ALIE is just around 60 MB in size. Because of it’s small size, it can be used on small portable media like Pen Drive, SD cards etc. In other words, you can carry sensitive data of your account in your pocket.
  • ALIE for Service business

    Keeps your Cash book, Bank accounts, Billing and Receivables in an essence. Important details about your account always available in front of your eyes without any key press or mouse click.
  • ALIE for Trading business

    Apart from keeping your Cash book, Bank accounts, Billing and Receivables it manages your products as well. Keeps record of your sells and purchases and status of your stock ready.


Managing your Asset Liability Income Expense


Web applications, Desktop applications and Mobile applications
There are plenty of software available in the market to cater your most common needs. The business you are doing may be common but the way you are running the business is unique. Your business goals are unique and the strategy to achieve your business goals are unique. That's why we are there with you to build software only for you. It can be online customer management and product selling, desktop accounting and billing software or a software application installed in your private network. We provide all kinds of software solutions for your business.
Building Analytics - Business Intelligence
Analytics are so essential in getting real clear picture of the business. It gives clear picture of where business stands at percent in compare to past years. It helps in many ways i.e. building future business plan, revisiting existing business policy, analysis of business data using different metrics and so on. Analytics are generated from business data. Business data may scattered in different sources like database, xml, flat file, email etc. We help you to collect your data from such sources, organized in a way and build analytics that helps you boosting your business.
Business Process Automation
Automation of your business process using BPM tool involves design of your business process, initiating it, executing certain business tasks automatically at designated time, integration with other applications and exchange data using predefined protocol, execution of business rules and user interaction as and when needed. For simple example, from receiving a customer order to generating the bill, the order will pass through various department i.e purchase, manufacture, testing, packaging and so on. Business process automation gives you right status of every customer order within no time. You exactly know the number of active orders, their status and closed order at any point of time.
Integration with other systems and applications
Integration with other systems or applications eliminates manual effort of data conversion and communication. Integration converts data according to target systems and exchange data with them automatically without user intervention. It involves communication with other systems in various ways like web services, message queues, file transfer and so on.


As we have mentioned in our business policy, our aim is to building relations with people by offering our helping hand. With that goal we welcome every entrepreneur to joins us to build the strength and offer better services to our customers.

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